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With the launch of wendy’s new product “Biggie Bag” came the launch of our new campaign “We got you”. helping leading art direction from concept to PRODUCTION on 3 national Television spotS launched our new live action look, new campaign style, and new product all in one.


“Shooting Star” :30 TV

“Chico” :30 TV

“Bus Stop” :30 TV



We thought it would be funny to have a concert in an actual wendy’s, so when wendy’s launched baconfest (a month long celebration of bacon). We create a fully bacon themed concert with har mar superstar, yes you guessed in an actual wendy’s. crushing twitter live stream bench marks with 418MM digital 22MM total video views 1.4 MM Baconcert video views




WE created the phrase “real Talk” for our food forward television spots, these are quick hitting value spots lead with our sassy voice done with supers and no VOice over. I led art direction with many national real talk spots. -

418MM digital impressions – 22MM total video views – 1.4 MM Baconcert video views


“Frylarious” :15 TV

“Love” :15 TV

“Bring the Heat” :15 TV

“Celebration” :15 TV

“2 Good” :15 TV