Bomb Pop


Summer has endless possibilities and our audience is determined to make every one of them AWESOME. Bomb Pop is a declaration that you are owning summer.


Summer is only so long, but it’s filled with endless possibilities. You need to make every moment as awesome as it can be.
Bomb Pop is the refreshing treat that puts any summer occasion over the top, delivering the feeling that you’ve dropped the mic on summer fun by flexing your freedom and independence.

Associate Creative Director: Jeff Beck
Associate Creative Director: Rob Cody
Senior Copywriter: Marissa Rhines


Art Direction played a big role in the Bomb Pop work, We wanted to seperate ourselves from the rest of our frozen competition by creating a peper craft world. This paper craft look become the visual back bone of all bomb pop materials across the different mediums. 



We Extended the campaign on On our social channels using quick hitting paper craft content in our paper craft styles. Trying to talk to the tough demographic of tweens our social content has to be a bit bizzare but still staying on brand with our look and voice.